Technology Landscaping

Technology landscaping is used to give you a high level overview of a technology area with which you are not already familiar. For example, if you would like to undertand a particular technology or application area and identify potential new business opportunities.

A landscaping project can answer such questions as:

  • What are the key technologies and who are the main suppliers/developers?

  • What are the technology trends and what might the future look like?

  • Which are the most appropriate technologies for my application(s)?

The scope of a landscaping project can vary enormously, depending upon:

  • What you would like to know (breadth, depth)

  • Number and specificity of the questions are to which you would like answers

  • How mature the technology is, and therefore how easy it is to uncover the information

  • Whether the required information can be found in the public domain, or whether primary research might be required

  • Time available for the project and budget

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